Art and connections: locked down?

Art and connections: locked down?

Helena van der Nest

Lockdown came quite unexpected and suddenly. And for the first time in year I had time to work on my own paintings instead of helping other people with their art projects.

Technologically lockdown came with quite a few challenges. My classes were changed into WhatsApp support groups and each week all the students received art and creativity ideas to inspire them and keep boredom at bay. Soon I realized I needed to do demonstration video’s, to help my students to learn new skills.

Soon after, Zoom sessions were arranged and all my students who took part, felt connected and being part of a big art family.

I come from a large family. Most of my family and both my children live in Europe. During Lockdown we started family Zoom sessions on Sunday afternoons. It has been a breakthrough, to see nephews, nieces, brothers and sisters all at the same time. New born babies were proudly shown to the rest of the family. Lockdown has changed our connections for the better.   

Originally published in My Child and I Spring 2020


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