And We Stayed at Home

Amanda from Belgium

The day started like every other morning, a fresh painting.

Instead of flying out to meet family and friends, a microscopic virus landed from Somewhere-Planet. On Friday, March 13th, the order came: ‘Blijf in uw kot’ (stay in your room/house). Everyone flew inside their homes. And we stayed home. Lockdown happened.

Streets were packed with cars – parked.

The high way was deserted.

No builders on site.

Parks were closed.

Instructions were clear!

Keep moving!

Jogging is permitted.

Walking is permitted – even in the middle of the road.

Long ques for shopping.

The shelves were empty…
Hamstering is the new word – especially toilet paper, pasta and…


Things changed.
Almost everything was dropped. Time seemed to have slowed down.

Fear and uncertainty reign.

Inside became beautiful!

Reading is in.

Gardening is in.

Walking in the forest is in.

We became creative. Developed new vocabulary. New ways. New routines.

At 20:00 the church bell rings and we cheer all the people working in the health care sector.

No airplane noise, no traffic noise.
We became still.
Birds sing and the trees clap their hands.
Nature breathes again.

Originally published in Me and My Child, Spring 2020.


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