Lockdown – a time to hope

Lockdown – a time to hope

Erna Rheeder

When Lockdown was announced, my son said: “Now we need to give hope.” It was hard to do that in a time when contact with people was drastically minimized. And yet, the plans and ideas came and amidst complaints and darkness, many people found ways to inspire and bring hope. SAVF FAMNET published ideas for family activities which will still have value long after lockdown. Visit www.famnet.co.za.

Yes, we went online with trainings as well, which implied lots of hard work and the help of a group of UP students.

For my own mental wellness, I posted a photo for 12 weeks everyday on Facebook to celebrate beauty. When it fizzled out, my smile tended to drop. Hubby was in the midst of treating COVID-19 patients. At times, I cried, because of the deep pain and strange experiences he shared. The jokes ran out. The disease came closer.

This is when I realized the truth of Habakkuk’s “even though” and “yet”. Even though a million things are wrong and feelings are dark, yet I have reason to rejoice in God. Those reasons are often tiny sparks of hope and beauty. So I am taking pictures again. My dog, my cat, the aloe and the leafless tree. And as Hubby constantly reminds me: “Now is winter. Nothing can keep the spring and summer away.”

COVID-19 will still become the symbol of difficult times. But keep searching the beauty and the promises of something new.

My hope for you is strength, new perspectives and a beautiful family life.

Originally published in My Child and I, Spring, 2020


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