The au pair wears blue gloves

By Amanda from Belgium

My hubby and I had to go somewhere for an appointment which would not take very long. It was one of those appointments where it would not be a good idea to take Dolla with. Usually she accompanies us wherever we go. We were new in this foreign country and did not know who to ask to help look after her for a short while.

Well, our 14 year old Handsome had to help, and fortunately he was willing to.

After a quick visit to the toilet and a clean nappy, Dolla was very happy to stay with her brother. Because they like each other. After giving instructions of what is allowed and what not and armed with our telephone number (which he knows any way) in case of an emergency, we set out.

We had not even boarded the metro yet, when the emergency call came…

“Mom, help! You must come quickly!”

We still wanted to ask more, but the fear in his voice was enough to make us realise that there is a huge crisis and we had better get home. We caught each other’s eyes and immediately turned around to go home. Forget about the appointment.

Immediately my heart pounded in my throat and all the worst case scenarios played out like episodes in a nightmare. Fortunately we were still fairly close to our apartment. I cannot remember who reached the front door first. The door banged behind us and we stormed up the noisy wooden steps to the fourth floor where our apartment is.

We prepared to knock, but the door was flung open…

Two huge frightened eyes, filled with relief to see us, met ours. Blue rubber dishwashing gloves gesture “hands up” in the air. Dolly appeared behind him, full of giggles: always glad when people come to our front door!

The lower part of her body was stripped naked and the rest of her clothes folded upwards and knotted neatly around her neck – safe!

We were stunned.

“Mom. She pooed in her pants and I cannot get her bum clean.” The fear still lurking in his voice. “I really tried…!” And Dolla? She laughed overjoyed that we were back home.

I had forgotten to tell him that she was wearing a nappy and that whatever happened in the nappy could remain there until we returned.

A prayer of benediction for you

Source unknown

I bless you with the knowledge that your Abba Father loves you, despite what you have done.

I bless you with the knowledge that He knows your identity, He shaped you, He knows how you think, why you act in certain ways, He knows everything about you; you cannot hide anything from Him.

I bless your spirit today with the blood of the Lamb.

I bless you that the Holy Spirit will teach you all His ways.

I bless you: may you be cherished in His love.

I bless you in your development and growth, that He will complete the work which He has begun in you.

I bless you that you will be open and ready to be taught and led by the Holy Spirit.

I bless your spirit with healing that you may overcome your brokenness and be able to live fully in your healing.

I bless you that you may know what God is calling you for, and that you will be able to be true to that calling.

I bless you with the anointing of love and peace that is your heritage and that God Himself may cherish and teach you every day.

I bless you with the joy of the favour in the Lord’s eyes, but also in the eyes of your fellow-men.

I bless you with the people crossing your path and surrounding you and who hold your hand up high as they journey with you.

I bless you with Godly friendships, people who will encourage you and share your dreams with you.

I bless you with a kind heart, a heart filled with love.

I bless you with the wisdom of God in every decision you have to make.

I bless you with God’s direction, may His favour and His grace be with you.

I bless your talents, your gifts and your relationships.

I bless your finances, your business and your thoughts.

I bless your spirit, your soul and your body.

I bless you that your calling may rebound with joy, harmony and love.

I bless your marriage, your family and your dreams.

I bless you that you may find your identity in Christ.

I bless you with the knowledge that you have a Father who loves you infinitely; that nothing you do can make Him love you more, neither less.

I bless you to experience His provision on a daily basis, His total protection and His dream for your life.

I bless you with the knowing that nothing in your life, neither in the past, nor in the future, can separate you from the love of God.

Blessed are you, o beloved of God.

Originally published in My Child and I, Spring 2017


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