Learn to read play-play (Series of 9)

Lomé Louw

One must learn to read, so that you can read to learn.

There are certain skills that a toddler must master to be able to read. I like to refer to these skills as games to prepare your toddler for reading.

Skill 2: Visual foreground / background distinction

It is the ability of the eyes to observe objects in the foreground and background and to distinguish them from one another. If a toddler struggles with this, he will later struggle to search for specific words on a page or do reference work in, for example, a dictionary.


What do you see in this picture?

Ask the toddler to colour in one of the objects that he/she mentioned.

The toddler must have the ability to place the object that was not asked, in the background, and to completely colour in the object that was asked.


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