Stimulating activities for babies 0-3 months

Henlie Holm

Here are a few tips to help you develop your little one’s senses.

1. Sight

Babies can observe forms and some colours, but everything is hazy. Young babies cannot observe objects further away than 30 cm. From four months, they can see further away than 30 cm and ought to follow movement with her eyes. At five months, depth perception is established. At six months, all colours can be observed and at eight months, your little one can estimate distance.

Show brightly coloured toys to your baby and tell her which colours they are. Sing to her and talk to her with your face closer than 30 cm to hers, so that she can watch your facial expressions. Put her cradle in different positions in different rooms so that she can observe objects from different angles.

From four months you can play Peekaboo. This fun game will help to develop her eye muscles and hand-eye coordination.

2.  Hearing

Your baby’s hearing is 100% developed at birth. They are startled by loud noises.  Your baby will enjoy it when you speak, sing, or read to her. If your baby doesn’t show the appropriate response to sound, a painless hearing test can identify potential problems early on.

3.  Sense of touch

  • Wrap your newborn baby cozily in a soft blanket. This will remind her of her time in the uterus and she will be calmer and cry less.
  • Hold your baby regularly and rock her to sleep.
  • Skin-to-skin contact will relax baby.
  • Rub her body from head to toe with a suitable baby cream or use soft massage techniques. This touch will let you baby sleep soundly and promotes the bond with your little one.
  • At three months you can take your baby’s hand and talk to her about different textures. “Feel this lovely soft wool; feel this rough paper; feel the soft teddy bear”.

4. Smell and taste

Your baby’s sense of smell and taste is already developed from birth. They recognise their mother’s scent and they can differentiate tastes. Once baby starts with solids, introduce her to different types of food and tastes.

Enjoy your baby and see how she gets to know her senses and how she uses it to explore her wonderful new environment.

Originally published in My Child and I, Autumn 2019.


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