My Child and I – Autumn 2014

My Child and I – Autumn 2014


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Phases of life: Baby: What you see is what you get
Phases of life: Primary school: Helping to form a child’s emotional development important in discipline
TIps: On encouragement vs punishment part 2 – Adele Grosse
Dads: Father essays: What my father means to me
Families:The new face of families – Erna Rheeder
Lily stories: Liily and the Bully
Bible verses from The Message
Special Conversation with my mechanic – Nico de Klerk
Medical & therapeutic: Teeth and acid – Dr Marcha Venter
Parenthood: Read this and save a life – Ilze Croucamp
Family things-to do-together: Daily family declaration
Diary: Le Képi Blanc – Amanda from Belgium
Motherhood: The challenge! – Louise Seip


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