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SAVF FAMNET is all about family life and parenting.
My Child and I overflows with good parenting articles.
We campaign through Fathers’ Network for Father Involvement.
We present regular Training in parenting programmes.
And we continue developing new programmes to meet more needs.
Hope Umbrella is our inspiring network-meetings for diligent people,
Serving their communities from their own Centres of Hope.

Healthy, strong, resilient families
are the heartbeat of healthy, strong communities.

My Child and I

“My Child and I” has been a parenting magazine since 1977. See excellent published articles by which many parents raised their kids through the years. They are categorised for ease of use. Read more.

Father’s Network

In South Africa we have quite a few organisations and passionate individuals about some or other aspect of fatherhood.​ Through Father’s Network we campaign for father involvement. Read more.


Parenting comes natural: You follow your parents’ example! What if your parents made mistakes? Or messed up? Maybe your parents were absent. Or abusive. Or did not have the challenges of today. Read more.

Hope Umbrella

Our Pepfar-funded programme of 2017, brought many needs to the surface. We selected people from all the areas and brought them together for a proper needs assessment, resulting in Hope Umbrella. Read more.

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