Thando and the man in his street

The difference a male mentor can make in the life of a young man

Thando’s parents got divorced and his father disappeared. He became lost and joined a group of boys whose energy took them to dark places. They stole from neighbourhood people and went from small to larger objects. Next in line was car theft.

Bongani lived in the neighbourhood and owned a car dealership. He was concerned about Thando and his friends and warned Thando never to steal from him. He offered the youngsters to borrow his personal car under certain conditions, but not to steal. This concern of the older man, became Thando’s life line. He broke his friendship with his gang-friends and vowed to a different kind of lifestyle from the one he saw in his father. Today he is a devoted husband and father of 2 precious children.

Bongani is still a mentor for many fatherless youngsters and guides them in a loving, humble, but firm manner. He gives them opportunities to live committed lives. Oh, how we need men who understand the power of their influence on young ones!


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