“The Wounded Healer” Helena

A few stories were written about being wounded and yet, being a healer – a difference maker


Evolved from a scared mouse into a fearless lion tamer…!


I was married for 33 years. It was an emotionally destructive marriage relationship with an “abuser.”


It took me a long time to acknowledge that our relationship was abusive. I endured out of fear and my self-esteem was undermined. I remained in the situation on behalf of my children. I often prayed that the situation would change – it did not. The answer to my prayers was: “If you thought that sunshine brings happiness, you have never danced in the rain”.


Under these circumstances I learnt to speak “me-language”, be assertive, forgive, take charge of my own life and recognize and change the co-dependent patterns.


Today my children are independent and responsible adults. I am happy on my own and do not fear any intimidation. I recognize manipulation and fully live being creative. As a divorcee, other women can relate to me and I can assist them in re-building their self-esteem and become part of the solution.


What used to be a stumbling block, turned into a stepping stone.


Now I dance through storms!


Illustration: Helena Strijdhorst-van der Nest


My Child and I Autumn 2017


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