The story of little Porcelain – H H

Little Porcelain has always been a wall flower. Her standard 5 farewell is a painful memory.


One by one the nearly too shy, rough kneed young men moved over to the group of giggling girls. Everyone is asked for a dance. Little Porcelain drills her toe into the ground. “Nobody asks me to dance!” Nobody comes closer. “Take my breath away” sounds over the farm yard. Mr Fullard is the self-appointed DJ!


Franci is the child with the arm in plaster of Paris – his mom encourages him to ask little Porcelain for a dance. Little Porcelain wants to run! Little Porcelain! Wall flower!


Many years later little Porcelain stood embraced by her prince. 

He lifts her from the floor and dances holding her in his arms. “You are beautiful,” he whispers with passion in his voice. “You are mine! You are not a wall flower!”

Teardrops run like pearls over little Porcelain’s cheeks. But it is tears of joy. Little Porcelain is healed. She belongs!

Thank you Lord that You are the Prince of Peace and also provided little Porcelain a home!

This story was first published in My Child and I of Winter 2017


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