Resilience is a necessity! Erna Rheeder


Recently I attended a workshop of Department of Social Development where the point of discussion was: guidelines regarding family resilience.


Family resilience is the ability of a family to go through a crisis and get out stronger on the other side of it. Our families experience many crises from inside and outside. Our families need to grow from victims to strong victorious teams. Resilience is developed during good times and implemented during times which are more difficult.


5 aspects are needed to ensure resilience:

  • The resilience of the family’s ability to let life continue relatively normal – organisation;
  • The family’s ability to adjust when things have changed;
  • The values and beliefs practiced by a family;
  • The ability of a family to protect its members;
  • Good communication.

There is no need for us to remain victims. Resilient families win and excel!

This article was first published in the Autumn 2016 edition of My Child and I.


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