In awe while getting closer

Kedi Bashir

At first when Lockdown started and I had to work from home, I was stressed, because I wondered how I will complete my work. At home I have to do my everyday chores plus my sons, especially the little one does not want anyone else besides me. “No,” I told myself. “Think of the quarantine days positively rather than negatively, because it is for the best interest of everyone.”

Then I realized that the quarantine days were some of the best days of my life, because I was able to get to know my sons better. I have always been asking myself what exactly are my first son’s talents or interests. I used to see him singing with my little sister. He also likes playing educational games on the phone and photo shoots and that’s all. But during the quarantine days I have seen that he likes baking as well.

And as for my little son I was able to see his first two teeth popping out; I was able teach him new words and seeing him repeating the words after me was amazing. I cannot even explain how I felt. I was able to see him crawling forward for the first time, because before he was crawling backwards. I was able to see him standing up by himself and walking around with the support of furniture. And I was able to see his talents and interest as well, he likes to sing and dance and play soccer.

Originally published in My Child and I, Spring 2020


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