Wash your hands clean – so that the Corona virus cannot be seen!

Lomé Louw

Lily and her family are very obedient. They listened to President Cyril Ramaphosa and went nowhere during the lockdown period. Today Lily must go to the shops with Mom to buy shoes, because her shoes are pinching her big toes.

At the shop she cannot stop looking at all the people wearing masks and she imagines herself as being part of a superhero movie. In her make-believe movie the superheroes greet one another in a very special way by pressing their elbows together. In her make-believe movie the Corona virus can be flicked away with your fingers if you washed your hands for 20 seconds. You can also stick out your tongue at the virus, behind your mask, and then blow it away so that it does not come to live on you.

In her make-believe movie you can spread your hands out wide and you can do twirls without knocking your friend over, because everyone stands at least two meters apart. In her movie everyone uses hand sanitizers and it transforms your hands into a shield that becomes your special weapon to protect you against the virus. In Lily’s make-believe movie everyone in the world works together against the virus and, for now, they do not exchange hugs.

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Lily twirls around very fast while she holds her fist in the air just like the real superheroes do. “Lily, what on earth are you doing?” Mommy asks. Lily laughs and tells Mommy about her make-believe movie. “I wish all the people in the world can be in your movie Lily, then we will definitely beat this virus”.


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