Love always wins

Love always wins

Lome Louw

For Lily, the most enjoyable of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, was to be with her family for the whole day. As a family they went on walks together, laughed together, talked, played, learned, did homework and prayed together. She hoped that it would never change again.

The bad part of the pandemic is, they will not be at the sea for Christmas. Dad had not gone to work for many days and will have to catch up on his lost work in December.

She does not want her family to forget the lovely together-time during the pandemic, therefore she wants to give everyone a little Christmas gift, to remind them of the good times together. She thinks and thinks …. Then she has a plan.

She asks mom for a piece of cloth, needle and thread. She measures 8 equally sized squares on the cloth and carefully cuts on the lines. She asks Mom to show her how to stitch the small pieces of cloths so that they can form small bags. “What are you going to do with this?” asks Mom. “They are Christmas gifts,” is all that Lily would say. After the little bags are stitched, Lily draws a hashtag (#) on every bag with a ruler and black marking pen. She tries her best to work neatly. Mom frowns, she really does not know how these little bags can become Christmas gifts.

The following day she asks Mom if she can pick up small round stones from the garden. Mom has a whole flower bed of small stones, where her desert roses grow. Then she asks Dad for paint. For the rest of the day she paints the small stones in bright colours. She works neatly and waits until the one side is dry, before she paints the other side. Mom curiously peeks through the window. She really wonders what Lily’s plan is with the small bags and stones.

Lily usually helps to set the table for breakfast, but the following morning she is still in her room. Mom peeks in at her door. “Is everything okay, Lily?” asks Mom. Yes Mommy. Can I please eat my breakfast a bit later this morning? My gifts are almost finished.” Mom is very curious. From the door, she can see that Lily is drawing little crosses on the small stones and little hearts on some. She puts 5 little cross stones and 5 little heart stones in the small bags.

Later on she asks Mom if she can have a potato to decorate the brown paper with which she wants to cover the gifts. Mom cuts the potato in half and Lily cuts a small pattern in the potato with a cookie maker. She dips the potato in paint and presses little hearts on the brown paper.

Lily puts her 4 small gifts under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. The gifts are for Dad and Mom, for her little brother Helmut, for Grandma and Emma, their housekeeper’s little daughter. Her gifts are small and disappear a bit amongst the others. Her heart beats wildly when Dad hands out the gifts. What if nobody likes them? Grandma reads the card; Love always wins and opens the gift.

My goodness, Lily, now this is cute! You made a small tic tac toe board game which one can play anywhere in the world! You are a little genius!” says Grandma.

Later the afternoon everybody plays “hearts and crosses,” because Lily drew hearts instead of circles on the small stones. Dad plays against Mom, Grandma against Helmut and Lily against Emma. “I win,” shouts Helmut! Grandma gives Helmut ‘n playful pinch on his cheek and say: “Lily’s card said Love always wins!” Everyone laughs, because they know very well that Grandma does not like to lose. Lily was unnecessarily worried. Her handmade gift is a winner!


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