SAVF is a welfare organisation, established in 1904 and working in 5 provinces in South Africa – Gauteng, Limpopo, North West Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal.

SAVF FAMNET flowed from the Parental Guidance Action which came to life in the early 1960’s. As FAMNET, (Family Network) the character has been changing since 2010 to become a diverse movement by which all parents throughout South Africa could have access to services enabling them to be well-equipped to raise their children well.

Our services include a quarterly magazine, “My Child and I”, “Fathers’ Network” as a movement to combat father absence, 3 parenting training courses and “Hope Umbrella”, our inspirational networking meeting for emerging organisations.

We believe healthy, strong, resilient families are the heartbeat of healthy, strong communities. Good parenting make it possible!

If all our communities become strong, healthy and resilient, imagine what a powerful nation we will be!


41 Hospital Street, Arcadia, 0083
PO BOX 40526, Arcadia, 0007
012 325 3920
084 383 9417

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