Hope Umbrella

Hope Umbrella

Where Hope Umbrella comes from: Our Pepfar-funded programme of 2017, brought many needs to the surface. We selected people from all the areas and brought them together for a proper needs assessment. The needs were categorised into 3 areas with a deep spiritual need at the core of it.

SAVF FAMNET provides programmes where most of these needs are being met. Networking takes place on the health and economic platforms to help fulfill those needs. We filled in the picture above with the detail that was provided:

The needs in fact shout out to all sectors in society to get involved.
Hope Umbrella was created for a variety of small organisations who are Hope Centres in their own right. But in coming together, we are encouraged and we complement each other in serving our communities.
Our programme:

Meetings are filled with:
• Opportunities to affiliate with SAVF.
• Ongoing training about family life and affiliate needs.
• Sharing of challenges and positive stories.
• Opportunities to join the I love learning clubs which focus on personal and community development and potential economic development through online learning material. See more here.

Meetings will take place 4 times a year in Pretoria and Heidelberg. See ‘Upcoming’ below or visit our events page.


41 Hospital Street, Arcadia, 0083
PO BOX 40526, Arcadia, 0007
012 325 3920
084 383 9417

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