Parenting comes natural: You follow your parents’ example! What if your parents made mistakes? Or messed up? Maybe your parents were absent. Or abusive. Or did not have the challenges of today. How will you know how to parent your own children, so that they can grow up strong, happy, smart and responsible? 

SAVF FAMNET presents 3 programmes which empower parents to build strong, healthy families with well-balanced children. In all the programmes we train group leaders who do group work in their communities.

Our programmes

Rebuilding Dreams – guiding young parents to face the challenges of teenage pregnancy and raise their children well; Read more

Botswadi – giving well-balanced care to the child; Read more

Ubaba Unathi – guiding fathers and mothers to enable father involvement; Read more

These are ideal programmes for companies as part of their Employee Wellness programmes. All three programmes are ideal for use in the welfare, education and health sectors. Contact us.

Training – where?

Training dates are scheduled for four times a year at SAVF Head Office.

Training can be done on request in your area as well – click here.


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