My child and I – Spring 2017

My child and I – Spring 2017


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Wounded healer: Another authentic story written by a member of the editorial team – My story, Lindy Jordaan
Me and my primary school child: Tests and exams: how can I support my child? – Ilsé de Villiers
Me and my teenager: My countless dreams – Sandrine Mengawako
Atlhletic dreams – Dominique Fuchs
Dads: What my father means to me
Parenting: A mother’s worst fear – A good mother
The two of us: Beware of the pitfalls – Gustav en Elna Moller
Grandpa and grandma: Packing up, away and in – Anita Joubert
Lily stories: Why were Adam and Eve created differently, Dad, Mom? – Lomé Louw
Things to do together as a family: Play family games outdoors – The Meek family
Diary: The au pair is wearing blue gloves – Amanda from Belgium
The man who walked a Mandela Distance – Erna Rheeder
Finances and my child – Lindy Jordaan
A prayer of benediction for you
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